Summer Outreach Camps

Summer Outreach Camps~ India

Excitement runs high as children anticipate Summer Outreach Camps to begin!
Children will arrive early, waiting for the gates to open in order to find  the best seat to wait for the
activities to begin. Those who live further away, eagerly await the autos that will pick them up
and bring them to the meeting place. The day is filled with character building lessons, new theme songs,
crafts and maybe a clown or puppet  will be the surprise of the day! While the children are enjoying
themselves, cooks are busy preparing lunch so each poor Dalit child will go home with a full tummy!
$5.25 will provide one child the opportunity to attend a four day Summer Outreach Camp!
Summer Camps take place in the months of January, April and May.

SO Camps1

SO Camps

Summer Camps~ Ukraine

Ukraine VBS

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