Children’s Medical Ministries

How to help

Children’s Medical Ministries continually funds new ministries that align with its purpose.  If you are aware of a great ministry that is reaching children in impoverished countries, CMM would love to learn about them!  As CMM continues to provide for its existing partners, ongoing financial support is appreciated from donors like yourself! CMM’s board is 100% volunteer, so all donations go directly to ministry use and can be directed toward one of the existing partners. Your prayers are valued for wisdom and effectiveness in reaching the growing need of children.

At a glance

  • L100% of your donation can go toward the country or type of ministry need of your choice.
  • LProvide a donation that will go toward the area of greatest need.
  • LEstate Planning: Allocate a portion of your estate toward CMM, which may be directed toward a specific need.
  • LAsk if your employer has a charitable donation matching program.

What can you do?

  • L$2000 will provide a well that will serve a community of 1000 people
  • L$1800 will make it possible to hold a Free Medical/Eye Camp that will serve a community of 1000 people
  • L$350 will provide a wheelchair for a child in need
  • L$100 will provide a standing frame for a child in need
  • L$125 will provide 250 children with Primary Health Care or Dental Guides teaching them the importance of hygiene
  • L$45 will provide a month's supply of food for a family
  • L$50 will provide10 children with shoes or two children with treatment of foot disease
  • L$800 will provide a child with a Christian education for a year