Children’s Medical Ministries


CMM’s effectiveness is fueled by individuals and groups willing to support and embrace the work of compassionate human services to bring comfort to those who are destitute and restore human dignity.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

Partner with CMM

Credit Card Donations

For your convenience, credit card donations are accepted through GiveDirect. You will receive the appropriate acknowledgment for your tax records. 100% of your Visa and Master Card donations will go to Children’s Medical Ministries!

PLEASE NOTE!! CMM is using a third-party processor to ensure secure credit card transactions. As a result, the charge on your credit card statement will identify “LICA-GiveDirect”.

Workplace Giving and Matching Funds

You can make your dollar go further by participating in a matching gift program. Many corporations encourage their employees to give to charities with matching contributions. Simply click on the Corporate Match Service button here. Enter your company name and company email address. Donate via credit card. Your company’s corporate match forms will be emailed to you with detailed filing instructions. Complete and submit. The company will send the matching gift amount directly to us.

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