Disaster Relief

Children’s Medical Ministries is committed to responding to Natural Disasters in various areas as we are able. Natural Disasters we have responded to  are the Japan and India tsunami, cyclone and flooding disasters; Haiti, Colombia and Thailand earthquakes; Bangladesh and India cyclone and Philippine typhoon victims, in addition to civil unrest and wars in Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Mozambique, Iraq, and Syria with relief supplies and medical assistance. We have supplied relief items and assistance to the California Earthquake, along with relief for victims of hurricanes and tornadoes in America.


Relief Work Jammu & Kashmir Flood Relief Aid. Clockwise from Top: Food Aid for distribution, people are living in tents as whole villages were swept away in flooding and landslides, tin to add protection to huts from the coming winter, foam given to protect from dampness when sleeping on mats at night, sad little girl and sibling, special program to encourage and make the children smile.



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