Dental Projects

Projects that CMM is involved in:

  • A dental clinic was built in Chiang Rai, Thailand at the Akha Youth Development Center. Dr. Henley is planning a 2016 trip to expand and upgrade the current facility which is in bad repair.

  • Provided “Trailside” Portable Dental Units” to clinics in Ukraine, Burma, China, Romania, Ethiopia, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti and India. These clinics offer outpatient care to local people of poor areas.

    Trailside Portable Dental Clinics

  • Conducting dental surveys in Cambodia and Peru.

  • English Good Life Dental Guides have been finalized and ready for distribution. Spanish and several other translations are pending.

    For a sample copy or to place an order email Alvin Miller:
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    or by calling (home) 540-788-4447 or (cell) 540-295-7316

    Please indicate the language and number of guides you would like.
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    Dental Care Guide

Steve Henley, D.D.S


  • For the past ten years, Dr. Steve Henley, Dental Advisor to Children’s Medical Ministries (CMM) has conducted dental programs in many countries including Vietnam, Thailand and other developing countries.
  • Each year Dr. Henley has taught preventive dentistry at the New Life Organization (NEWLO) School on the Island of Grenada.
  • Approximately seven years ago, Dr. Henley, in cooperation with CMM, traveled to Vietnam and started a dental project in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • After three years, the project was extended to other areas of Vietnam including the Mekong Delta, Danang, Na Trang, and Cameron Bay areas. Dr. Henley’s project extended to include coordination with two dental schools from the United Kingdom who are continuing to give dental care and dental preventive instructions.
  • Recently, Children’s Medical Ministries’ dental efforts have been offered in Haiti. Portable dental units are purchased and sent to outreach dental clinics.
  • A preventive dental outreach has been started in Northern Haiti with Living Hope Mission (LHM). Living Hope assists nine rural schools with preventive medical and dental programs. Two Haitian “anamiteurs” (teachers) have been employed who visit each school several times each school term, conducting preventive medicine and preventive dental classes. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss are distributed to the students, and “brush-ins” are conducted each time with the students’ demonstrating brushing and flossing techniques to the teachers.

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