Current Giving Opportunities

Ways You Can Give: 2019-2020

*If you would like to participate in any of the projects below, you may give online by clicking below or make checks payable to: CMM, P.O. Box 866, Quincy, IL 62306. Specify country and item below that your donation is for.

Summer Outreach Camps are a fun filled experience where children ages 4-16 learn character building skills.
2020 saw 40,000 children in attendance! Follow this link to see picts!
$5.25 will send one child to a Summer Outreach Camp for four days.
$525 = 100 children attending  a Summer Outreach Camp.
$10,002 = 1905 children attending a Summer Outreach Camp.

$2,000 provides a poor village with a Free Medical and Eye Glass Camp where villagers can receive a
general checkup and have their eyes checked.

$3,000 provides a poor village with a well so they do not need to carry water so far.

Akha Student Center in Myanmar:
$95,000 This center will provide food, transportation to school, and tutoring for the children. Priority will be given to
children based on risk and their neediness. Those who are poor, orphaned, or otherwise at risk to trafficking
and being drafted as child soldiers will be given first opportunity to stay at the student center.
Cow Project:
$2,000 per year. A cow/bull is given to a villager to raise calves. The first and third calf they may sell for profit. The gift
cow and second calf are given back to the cow project and then given to other families.

$1,000 provides a motorcycle for missionaries to evangelize in the mountains.

Ethiopia~ Mossy Foot
Bring relief to people who suffer from debilitating Mossy Foot!
$35 provides custom made shoes (worn during rehabilitation) for one person.
$350 = custom made shoes for 10 people
$10,000 = custom made shoes for 285 people

$20 provides a month of treatment for someone suffering from Mossy Foot.

$150 provides a water buffalo (cow) for a poor family  to use for food and to make a living.
$80 provides a goat for a poor family. 

Syria~ Refugee Camps
Provide classrooms to enable Syrian children within Syrian refugee camps to continue learning.
$15,000 will provide three classrooms

$39 will provide a medical kit containing basic over the counter medicines desperately needed but difficult to purchase.

North Korea/Mongolia/Ukraine/United States~ Deprived Children
Provide vitamins, knitted hats, warm clothing and blankets for economically deprived children.
$100 will purchase 20 hats.
$100 will buy 10 blankets for homeless people in the United States  and cold climates around the world.

 $125 provides a case of 250 primary health care and dental educational material used to teach good hygiene.
(42,000 to 50,000 children die every day from preventable diseases); this bi-lingual  workbook for children ages 5-7 contains illustrations of basic health care functions, such as brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

Wheelchairs are shipped internationally to provide mobility for those living in poor and developing countries.
$200 will refurbish a wheelchair with new wheels, bearings and upholstery.
$1,000 refurbishes 5 wheelchairs.

Shipping Containers
$17,000 will ship a container of 200 wheelchairs.

CMM plans to continue special projects such as heart transplants, hip replacements, etc in needy parts of the world; currently in Mongolia. Your gift of any amount will help in this endeavor.

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